BCA Iftar Event Raises Mental Health Awareness

Hafsa Islam

The Bangladesh Caterers Association organised a UK wide multi faith Iftar event

The Ramadan event was held in partnership with the UK National Health Service with a focus on creating awareness of mental health issues within the Bangladeshi community.

Chief guest during the occasion was Tom Hunt MP, the Prime Minister’s International Trade Envoy to Bangladesh.

The Mental Health of Children and Young People in England report, published last year by NHS England, found that 20.3% of eight to 16-year-olds had a probable mental disorder in 2023. Among 17 to 19-year-olds, the proportion was 23.3%, while in 20 to 25-year-olds it was 21.7%.

The survey highlighted one in five children and young people in England aged eight to 25 had a probable mental disorder.

NHS England has rolled out 398 Mental Health Support Teams within schools and colleges to provide early support to young people with mild to moderate mental health issues – covering 35% of pupils and learners in further education.

A further 200 teams are currently in training and due to become operational by Spring 2025, which would ultimately cover five million (over 50%) of the country’s pupils and learners.

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