Boxing Exhibition For Ringtone Boxing Gym

Emdad Rahman

Date: Friday, April 26 · 5:30 – 11pm

Location: The Selby Centre, Selby Road London N17 8JL

A Boxing exhibition featuring a host of well known fighters will take place at Ringtone Boxing Gym.

The owner, professional boxer Ben “the Entertainer Day will also be stepping into the ring on a night Ringtone Boxing Gym will fight back following years of financial blows, including the loss of customers due to HS2 works at Euston Station, the Covid pandemic mandatory closure for 2 years with no income and government support and the loss of footfall since with more and more people working from home.

Day is pushing in and is currently planning to provide boxing classes for children with autism and people experiencing mental health conditions.

Southern Area champion Day is Bipolar and has ADHD. He is passionate about helping others as boxing has not only changed his life but countless others too.

Day has been working closely with the Mayor of Camden on matters relating to youth gang crime, which has predictably been on the increase with the closure of local youth centres and amateur boxing gyms due to lack of government funding and support.

He said, “There’s nowhere for these kids to go so they roam the streets and can find themselves getting involved with gangs.
Ringtone Boxing Gym firmly believes in the “Knives down, Gloves up” campaign so will be starting classes for both children and teenagers in the very near future.

“We have put on many white collar boxing events previously and have raised tens of thousands of pounds for various charities.”

Day is known for supporting the homeless through sharing of warm winter wear.

However it is now Ringtone Boxing Gym that needs support in order to continue changing and saving peoples lives.

Ringtone Boxing Gym has proudly received the Local Wellbeing Excellence Award for the past two years and has a huge role to play within the lives of many local people.

Donations for the event can be made HERE…

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