Qatar Embassy, Islamic Relief, East London Mosque Help For The Vulnerable

The Embassy of the State of Qatar in London partnered with Islamic Relief UK to support East London Mosque with 200 food packs for people struggling to feed themselves and their families.
The cost-of-living crisis has put a significant strain on families during Ramadan, especially refugee families that the East London Mosque have been helping over the past few years.

The food pack distribution is part of a wider initiative by the Embassy of the State of Qatar and Islamic Relief to distribute 2,000 food parcels and 10,500 cooked meals across the UK for the duration of the holy month. 

Food will be delivered through 15 of Islamic Relief’s partners such as local organisations, food banks, mosques and football club foundations from London to Edinburgh. Partners include: Kokni Muslim Association, East London Mosque, Newham community Project, Sufra, City Retreat, Himmah Luton Foodbank, Association of Scottish Muslims – Blackhall Mosque, Give a gift, Finsbury Park Mosque, and Renaisi.

Tufail Hussain, director of Islamic Relief UK stated: “Poverty in the UK has been exacerbated by years of cost-of-living crisis, and families are struggling more than ever to put food on the table. It is imperative more than ever to come together as a community and support one another.
“To alleviate the challenges people have been facing, the Embassy of Qatar and Islamic Relief will work together to reach even more struggling families here in the UK this Ramadan as we have done with East London Mosque.
“Charity is a major part of the Islamic faith, and Ramadan is the time when we see this huge outpouring of support for others.”

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