Faith Group Highlights Devastating Impact Of Nitrous Oxide

Emdad Rahman

In response to the alarming rise in Nitrous Oxide-related incidents, a mosque in Barking & Dagenham convened an open meeting to publicly address this urgent issue.

Locals and stakeholders at Darul Ihsan Barkjng gathered together in light of shocking local statistics and incidents involving gas use.

Disturbing recent incidents involved a member of Darul Ihsaan’s congregation being severely injured after a gas canister was hurled. This was in the presence of the congregants five year old child who sadly witnessed the assault.

A second incident shared with attendees mentioned a car crash and even after impact the occupant was observed to continuing to be inhaling a balloon full of gas.

The meeting at Darul Ihsaan was attended by representatives from the local authority and police.

In a proactive effort to combat the Nitrous Oxide issue, Darul Ihsaan Mosque launched specific projects at the event:

1. Advocacy for legislation: The mosque is actively calling for Public Places Safety Legislation (PPSL) to make it illegal to carry Nitrous Oxide in public, aiming to enhance community safety.

2. Educational Initiatives: Recognising the importance of awareness, the mosque is committed to extensive education campaigns focused on Nitrous Oxide, ensuring that community members are well-informed about the risks associated with the drug.

3. Collaboration and partnership: Darul Ihsaan mosque will collaborate with the local authority and law enforcement to conduct walks aimed at identifying and addressing areas affected by the Nitrous Oxide epidemic, fostering community cooperation and safety.

The leadership team at Darul Ihsaan Barking expressed their gratitude to the local police, especially PC Bacon, for invaluable contributions during the meeting.

Additionally, the mosque extends thanks to the dedicated members of the CGL (Change, Grow, Live) organisation, with whom the mosque is eager to collaborate, to educate the community about the dangers of Nitrous Oxide.

Imam Ammaar from Darul Ihsaan Barking commented, “We acknowledge the urgency of addressing this epidemic and we are dedicated to working collaboratively with stakeholders to create a safer, more informed community.”

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