Team MC Launch Cycle Cafe In Whitechapel

The vibrant neighbourhood of Whitechapel in London, renowned for its rich history and community spirit, witnessed the opening of TEAM MC Cycles Café and Bike Shop.

Located just a five-minute walk from the historic East London Mosque and about a mile from the iconic Gherkin building, this new venture by Muslim Charity represents a beacon of community engagement and support.

The event was a grand convergence of local community members and cycling enthusiasts from various clubs, including the TEAMMC Cycling Club, Muslim Sports Network (MSN) Cycling Club, Tower Hamlets Wheelers, Globe Town Cycling Club, London Cycling Campaign, Cycle Sisters and Cycling Club Hackney.

The participation of local Tower Hamlets councillors and supporters of Muslim Charity added communal warmth to the opening.

A key highlight was the Zwift cycling competition, which brought an energetic atmosphere as participants pedalled indoors with vigour. Adding historical significance was the display of the original bike used by Rashid Ali for the inspirational London to Makkah ride accompanied by Abdul Hannan and Shubo Hussain. This 2017 journey, covering over 5,000 kilometres in 56 days, sparked the formation of the TEAMMC Cycling Club, symbolising unity, perseverance and a love for cycling.

Jon Halfhide, Operations Manager at TEAMMC Cycles, in his opening address, recounted, “This is probably two years in the making, all coming from Rashid Ali’s ride from London to Makkah. That was a big inspiration for the local community and made this shop possible. It’s a platform where we can get young people involved in cycling… and this shop will support loads of charitable projects. All profits go straight to Muslim Charity.”

Councillor Rebaka Sultana of Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets, who performed the ribbon-cutting ceremony, expressed, “I can see lots of members of the younger generation in attendance today and I know Muslim Charity is a very well-known organisation, for a long time I have known that young people and old people are connected with this organisation. I wish you all the best for the success of the charity and TEAMMC Cycles.”

Adding to the significance, Councillor Abdul Wahid from Stepney Green, Tower Hamlets, and Cabinet Member for Jobs, Skills and Growth, remarked, “I want to commend Muslim Charity and everyone who is behind this initiative, I think it’s a fantastic initiative which will have a profound impact for the local community. These are the projects that we want to help and support.”

The TEAMMC Cycles Café and Bike Shop goes beyond a mere retail space. It represents a commitment to community spirit, a hub for cyclists and non-cyclists alike to gather, and the epitome of volunteer-driven initiatives.

Every purchase, be it for bike services, a coffee, or karak chai, plays a critical role in supporting Muslim Charity’s lifesaving projects around the world.

All cyclists and non-cyclists are encouraged to visit this new community space, for a cosy spot, a drink or to seek expert care for their bicycle.

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