Charity Group Trek Raises Thousands For Orphans

Muhammad Talha

A group of friends from East London have taken part in a sponsored walk to raise thousands of pounds for charity

Team Legend are childhood companions approaching the age of fifty and the latest adventure for the lifelong friends took them to Dover for a day trip with a difference.

As part of supporting good causes through leisure activities the team have raised thousands of pounds to help the Whitechapel based Lonely Orphans

The charity helps orphans and impoverished communities with essentials like water, food, education, and protection against abuse. Lonely Orphans advocate for justice and equality, whilst fostering alliances for sustainable community change.

Hamid Yusuf expressed gratitude on behalf of Team Legend, “As a group we have been together since we were youngsters and although some of us are getting on a bit in life it’s refreshing we can still help make a difference.

“On behalf of the team I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our donors for their generosity in helping the vulnerable and needy.”

Md Imran from Lonely Orphans, the charity benefitting from the fundraising thanked the group, “Team Legend have been magnificent in supporting this hugely important cause and their hard work will ease the suffering of the many orphans we support throughout the world.”

The group finished off the day with a visit to the Maharajah in Bexley where they were hosted by donors Ruhi Gulam Ahad, Abdul Muhit Chowdhury, Anwar Ali, Mohammed Kamruzzaman Esak and Syed Mahbub Hussain who also sponsored a meal to celebrate the achievements of Team Legend.

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