London Takes the Lead in UK Counties Heading for a Smoke-Free Future

New data has revealed the UK area that is most progressive in its attempts to quit smoking, with Richmond Upon Thames taking the lead. 

The study, conducted by  Go Smoke Free, analysed eight years’ worth of ONS data for all local authorities in England, Wales and Scotland. It determined the average reduction rate for the smoking population in each area. The research also used each area’s estimated ‘smoke-free’ year to determine a total score for each location. 

Richmond Upon Thames emerged as the frontrunner, securing an impressive score of 99.9. Estimated to be smoke-free in less than two years, the area also shows an average smoking reduction rate of 4.7%. In 2022, merely 6.4% of the population identified as smokers, reflecting a substantial decline compared to the 11.8% in 2015.  

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