Start the New Year 2024 with Community Tuition


11-16 tuition centre in Rainham Library, every Saturday starting from Jan 2024.
Teaching staff are Maths teachers of 8 years experience and a Maths Head of Department with 14 years experience.

1. Offering English, Maths and Science tuition to small groups (6-8 students) led ONLY by qualified teachers who have years of experience in delivering the national curriculum.

2. Induction/enrolment will take place on Saturday 6th January 2024 at 11am.

3. All parents/careers are invited to attend with their sons/daughters – FREE ASSESSMENT will be provided and marked by the teachers.

4. Students will be grouped according to their ability to make the session more personalised and beneficial for the students.

5. On offer are two sessions:
– Session A: 11am to 1pm
– Session B: 1.30pm to 3.30pm

6. Each session can cater up to 40 students who will be working in groups of 6-8.

7. Parents will have the flexibility in choosing the subject(s) that they want their children to focus on – Tailored support wil be based on needs.

8. Prices are already reduced to £10 per hour per child.

9. The mantra is not to compromise on quality!

07846 307 402
07399 249 046

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