Cumilla Are Upazila Champions

Emdad Rahman

The Bangladesh Sports Network UK Upazila Championships have concluded with Cumilla lifting the trophy to become champions.

Hot favourites Sylhet Sadar were beaten at Seven Kings Park with a workmanlike and disciplined display as Cumilla batted second to lift the first ever Championship trophy.

An exciting day of cricket saw Bishwanath, Jagannathpur, Sylhet Sadar, Derai, Habiganj, Chatkhil and Beanibazar start proceedings with the Quarter and Semi Final games.

There were mass celebrations as Cumilla sealed a historic victory.

“We have for years been knocking on the door,” said Cumilla legend Aminul Islam Shihan.

He added, “Today’s result is special and sentimental at the same time and is the result of years of blood, sweat and tears.

“Well done Cumilla and our thanks to a superbly strong Sylhet team. The fact we faced formidable opponents made us work that extra bit harder to ensure our success today.”

Tournament co-ordinator Sayfur Rahman is satisfied with the outcomes achieved, “This is our groundbreaking first year for this heritage tournament and I’m sure many will share my thoughts in that we have enjoyed some tremendous cricket.

“Our aim was to bring everyone together and celebrate our shared heritage. The fact that we have been treated to outstanding cricket has been a bonus. Congratulations to Cumilla, commiserations to Sylhet and gratitude to all sixteen participating teams.

“Lastly, our thanks are reserved for our sponsors who have provided great backing in order for us tk enjoy a feast of cricket.”

The Bangladesh Sports Network Upazila Cup is powered by Muslim Charity.


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